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BCP provides a corporate managed team approach to design deliverables that align with the industry’s standard design process.  Our design expertise and support capabilities include:
  • Engineering and Design Oversight

  • Project and Field Engineering

  • Change Management/ Design Basis

Our Engineering acumen covers multi-disciplinary engineering support that includes:

  • Civil-Structural, Seismic, and Facilities

  • Mechanical and Thermal Hydraulics

  • Piping and Supports

  • Power Electrical, Distribution, and Transmission

  • I&C, Digital Upgrades, and Setpoints

  • PRA Analyses


BCP has supported numerous major plant design initiatives across U.S. and International plants that include:

  • Power Uprates (EPUs, SPUs, and MURs)

  • NFPA 805 Fire Protection

  • Fukushima Modifications

  • New Nuclear Build



BCP was tasked with resolving irradiation testing deficiencies, assuring equipment is qualified for identified service, and resolving Chinese regulatory (NNSA) restrictions associated with equipment commodities identified in the EQ Program.

  • Performed scientific calculations concerning accumulated dose as part of the EQ Program

  • Addressed deficiencies in the vendor’s process and controls in irradiating test components

  • Reviewed affected component commodity classes

  • Justified acceptability for performing preoperational testing (e.g., RCS Cold Hydrostatic testing through to fuel load without completion and acceptance of the equipment qualification packages)

  • The China NNSA permitted the test program to proceed at Sanmen and Haiyang

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