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Human Factors Engineering Operations Consultant Training – Senior – Mineral, VA

Job Description

Human Factors Engineering Operations Consultant Training – Senior – Mineral, VA


Max Pay Rate: $87.00 / hr x 1.5 for OT

Per Diem: $100.00 (7 days)

Duration: Initially One Year (annual renewals anticipated)

Primary Location: Onsite, North Anna Nuclear Plant


Snapshot of Ideal Candidate:


Manager is looking for a resource that has relevant experience in preparing for and supporting Human Factors Engineering workshops on digital I&C upgrades; that have relevant work experience including Westinghouse PWR designs, Station MCR Operations, and Licensed SRO Training Instruction.




·       Provides knowledge of systematic approach to training for both initial and requalification license and non license operations training for current and predecessor PWR nuclear power generating stations

·       Participate in developing scenarios for HFE evaluations, task analyses, HSI tests and evaluations, validation, and other evaluations

·       reviews design documentation to determine scope of the design change for specific training impacts

·       provides input for development of format and content of personnel training program changes for licensed and non-licensed plant personnel

·       provides input to and coordinates with Site Training Group and Operations on changes to Lesson Plans, Training aids, Training Scenarios, and examinations

·       coordinate training issues arising from activities, such as HFE evaluations, HSI design, and procedure design with the training program




·       20 years of relevant nuclear power plant operations experience

·       10 years of experience in relevant nuclear power plant operations training development including applying the systematic approach to training

·       Active or previous reactor operator license or senior reactor operator license is preferred

·       Bachelor's degree in an appropriate technical discipline or equivalent experience is required

·       Familiarity with Westinghouse PWR 3 Loop nuclear power plant operations is preferred




·       Familiarity with or participation in Human Factors Engineering reviews of main control room changes

·       Familiarity with nuclear operational initial and requalification training preparation, review, approval and delivery

·       Familiarity with execution of simulator training scenarios including automated trainee performance monitoring and review of recorded data to provide post training analyses

·       Familiarity with Emerson Ovation Hardware and Software

·       Familiarity with AC160 (Common Q) Hardware and Software

·       Familiarity with computerized training systems, Vision database system experience preferred

·       Familiarity with Microsoft Office Products including Teams and Visio is preferred


Working Conditions:


·       This is a project bound position with a multi-year duration

·       This position is site based and does require maintenance of unescorted access





North Anna Nuclear Plant – Mineral, VA


April 2024


Initially One Year



Jenny Lister


(727) 340-8901


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