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I&C Design Engineer SMR

Job Description

I&C Engineer (SMR) - Camden, New Jersey

Rate: Not Defined / need Candidate’s requested rate

Relocation: Per attached policy

Position Details: The Engineer is responsible for the design and analysis of safety and non-safety related I&C systems for the SMR-160 Small Modular Reactor (SMR) under the direction of a senior engineer and regularly interfacing with the mechanical, nuclear, and electrical engineering teams for I&C design and consultation. This Engineer applies his or her knowledge and experience, industry best practices, regulatory guidance, codes and standards, and good engineering judgment to ensure the design is compliant with International regulatory criteria and industry best practices. 

Specific Area of Responsibility: 

  • Develop Control System Descriptions for plant systems

  • Review and provide I&C insight into P&ID development

  • Read, interpret and develop logic diagrams, Instrument and I/O Lists

  • Develop system function and design requirement specifications and other system design documents

  • Preform Human Factors analysis of plant systems. 

  • Perform sizing and specifying I&C (transmitters, operators, control valves, switches, etc.) equipment

  • Perform I&C calculations: setpoint, loop calibration, and instrument calibration tolerances

  • Perform instrument vendor selection and vetting 

Minimum Requirements: 

  • BS in Engineering from an ABET accredited college or university. 

  • 12+ years of demonstrated applicable experience in power generation (nuclear, fossil, etc.) I&C system design 

  • Demonstrated technical writing skills and effective communication skills. 

  • Demonstrated good judgment, ability to act independently, flexibility, adaptability and leadership skills. 

  • Ability to plan and organize work tasks and meet deadlines. 

  • Strong inter-personal skills; effective in a team environment. 

  • Eligible to work in accord with Department of Energy 10 CFR Part 810.

Desired Qualifications: 

  • MS in I&C/Electrical Engineering or a closely related field of study from an accredited college or university. 

  • >5 years of demonstrated applicable experience in power generation (nuclear, fossil, etc.) I&C system design 

  • Experience designing or supporting I&C systems such as neutron flux monitoring, control rod drive systems, radiation monitoring, plant protection systems, integrated control systems.

  • Experience in performing Human Factors analysis of plant systems, especially in the nuclear fields.

  • Experience in integrated plant control design and tuning or major system commissioning including testing development. 

  • Experience with NUREG 0800, Chapters 7 and 18.

  • Knowledge and understanding of US domestic or international licensing standards. 

  • Experience with applicable (including nuclear-specific) IEEE, IEC, EPRI, ISA, ANSI, and IAEA codes and standards.

  • Experience with Cyber Security/CDAs.




Philadelphia Area




Direct - Full Time



Jenny Lister


(727) 340-8901


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