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Mechanical or Civil Contract Consulting Engineer (DE1JP00003904)

Job Description

Mechanical or Civil Contract Consulting Engineer - Surry, VA (DE1JP00003904)

Pay Rate: $94.64/hr ST (non-exempt)

Per Diem: $100/day

Start: July 29, 2024 (or as close to this date as possible)

Duration: One year w/ extension possible

Work Location: Surry, VA 23219


The position will be filled with a highly motivated individual that will lead and support engineering activities in the development and management of design changes using the standard design change process; current SDP qualification is a must. The selected individual will provide this multi-discipline nuclear engineering team with strong technical leadership. This individual must possess and apply advanced knowledge and technical skills to solve complex engineering problems, work directly with project management to set course on technical decision making, and provide manufacturing oversight of Nuclear Safety Related and Non-safety Related designs. They will serve as responsible engineer on complex engineering problems and control technical and service commitments to internal or external stakeholders. They may be required to perform independent research to find innovative and/or cost-effective engineering solutions to project related problems and perform other duties as requested or assigned.

Required Years of Experience:

• MUST have 15 years of Mechanical or Civil engineering experience.

• MUST have10 years direct experience in the designing and/or oversite of commercial nuclear SSCs resulting in in depth knowledge in applicable codes, regulations, and practices.


• Must have a completed ABET accredited engineering degree (other engineering disciplines may be considered based on direct station overhead crane project experience).

Top Required Skills

1) Must have proven nuclear Component Manufacturing oversight experience.

2) Must have nuclear Construction and Project Implementation experience

3) Must be willing to get into the field and perform walkdowns, project management activities and support of testing and troubleshooting of plant modifications.

4) Must have prior experience leading and managing a large engineering project from either a mechanical or civil space

5) Must have nuclear experience

Nice to Have Skills:

• Overhead crane design experience.

• Qualified in the Standard Design Process, Engineering Calculations, Specifications and similar Nuclear Qualifications.

• Previous 10CFR50.59 Training.

• PE, FE, SRO or STA certifications.




Surry, VA


July 29, 2024


One year with extension possible



Jenny Lister


(727) 340-8901


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