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Senior Digital I&C Instructor (Nuclear) DE1JP00003762

Job Description

Senior Digital I&C Instructor (Nuclear) DE1JP00003762

Start: May 20, 2024

Duration: One year with extension possible

Max Pay Rate: $81.16/hr ST (non-exempt)

Per Diem: $100/day - $700/weekHours: 4 x 10’s most likely but flexibleWork Location: Surry Power Station (Virginia)

High Level Project Overview: 

Develop instructional materials and conduct training for the INPO Accredited I&C technical training program at Surry nuclear power station. A candidate for this position should have in-depth knowledge of INPO accredited instructional design theory as well as in-depth expertise in Digital Control Server Systems (DCS) based digital I&C equipment for which he or she will develop and deliver training. This person will develop and deliver training on the most complex topics and is responsible for analyzing, designing, developing, delivering and evaluating training in the classroom, laboratory, and on-the-job. This individual is responsible for maintaining training programs in accordance with nuclear industry, regulatory, institutions, and legal requirements. 

Required Years of Experience: 

  • 12 + years of related experience OR; 

    • 5 or more years of experience in DCS or PLC based digital I&C 

Licenses, Certifications, Qualifications or Standards Preferred: 

  • Nuclear I&C training instructor within a INPO Accredited training program 

    • SRO Instructor Certification 

    • I&C Digital Technician, or Digital Instrument Engineer 

Other: Reactor Operator (RO) or Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) license or applicable discipline INPO accredited initial training program or Certified Instructor meets ANS 3.1 12/79, (Section 

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experiences (Minimum Requirements) 

  • MUST have In depth knowledge of INPO Accredited Instructional theory, design, and SAT process. 

    • MUST have previous experience working with Westinghouse/Emerson Ovation and/or Common-Q DI&C platforms 

    • 12 + years of related experience OR 5 or more years of experience in DCS based digital I&C 

Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication, good personal computer, operate various instrumentation and controls, problem solving. 

Abilities: Analyze and develop training materials, train and lead others, interface with regulatory personnel and industry peers, informal leadership skills, ability to effectively communicate with regulators. 

What soft skill requirements do you have (team fit and personality requirements)? Strong communication skills both verbal and written Ability to lead, collaborate, or work effectively in a variety of teams, including multi-disciplinary teams 

Nice to Have Skills: 

  • Preferred experience utilizing Vision or equivalent training material development software 

    • Experience in the I&C maintenance shop who has actually been a “doer” has done the work they are training 

    • Experience in training for Westinghouse 3 loop PWR 

Education (Minimum Requirements) BS Degree or an equivalent combination of demonstrated related experience may be accepted in lieu of preferred level of education: Bachelor Science - Physical Science, Technology, Mathematics, or Engineering 

Disciplines: Preferred: 

  • Digital I&C Electrical Engineering 

    • Senior Digital I&C Technician 

    • Digital I&C Training Instructor 

    • Other disciplines may be substituted for the preferred discipline(s) listed above 




Mineral, VA




one year with extension possible



Jenny Lister


(727) 349-8901


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