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Turnover Coordinator - LNG

Job Description

Turnover Coordinator – Near Durham, NC

Pay Rate: Not Defined / need Candidate’s requested rate

Duration: 24 -28 monthsHours: 5x10s to start

Per Diem: Conus / GSA

Mob/Demob: $500 each

Trips Home: monthly trip home allowed and reimbursed

Position Details/Scope of Work:

  • Verifying system scoping drawings for completeness

  • Performing tag to system validation checks and ensuring the turnover database is kept current based on this validation

  • Coordinating with construction, quality, and contractors all required priority tags and priority systems that are to be completed for final turnover throughout the Project

  • Scheduling, organizing, and leading walkdowns in the field, including leading pre and post walkdown meetings

  • Preparing System Compilation Manuals or Turnover Packages that will include all the required documents presented in the system turnover procedure as required by the Client to certify systems as Mechanically Complete and Ready for Start Up

  • Coordinate the activities of construction turn-over activities, document control of hand over dossier, punch clearance and close out of the mechanical completion documents

  • Study and mark up processes non-process and utility systems working closely with Client

  • Routinely study, check, review and validate the discipline scope of work against the appropriate Contract Requisition to ensure the Contractors correctly interpret and comply with the latest revision of drawings, quantities, and specifications

  • Monitor to ensure all quality control checks and tests are instigated, with records maintained and available as required, all in accordance with EPCs’ agreed ITP, method statements and project specifications.

  • Monitor the hand over sequence on a system by system, area by area basis, all scheduled to produce logically planned work completions for commissioning and start-up requirements

  • Ensure proper control of changes FI’s for all changes, reviewing TQ’s to ensure responses are appropriate and practical, and reviewing ARN’s to ensure correct use of construction resources. All these activities are required to be closed prior to mechanical completion.

  • Utilize weekly coordination meetings with the construction team to provide logical progress and target completions as per the contract schedule and work plan/s and ensure area/handover documentation is available, and relevant. Monitor all turnover activities and update the punch list register

Required Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years of work experience in a pre-commissioning and system turnover environment

  • Ability to successfully supervise large crews (30+)

Physical Requirements: Lift min of 50lbs




Near Durham, North Carolina


September 2024


2 Years +



Jenny Lister


(727) 340-8901


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