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Digital I&C

Digital Transformations Require Expertise at All Levels.

Companies across industries are moving from old-dated analog controls to digital controls, to address:
  • Instrumentation and Controls Obsolescence

  • Improving Equipment Reliability and Accuracy

  • Elimination of Single Point Vulnerabilities and Increased Flexibility in Building Redundancy

  • Increasing Operational Efficiency and Human Factors Performance

  • Reducing Total Cosby Reducing maintenance requirements

BCP has the team and experts that provide the digital and industry experience critical to helping you achieve your goals and objectives.
  • Design Certification Application I&C support

  • I&C Design Specification preparation and review

  • I&C Procedure development and review

  • First Of A Kind (FOAK) instrumentation testing

  • Vendor performance/study reviews

  • 50.59 Screen and Evaluation reviews

  • I&C Program oversight

  • Major system control design and relocations

  • Configuration management

  • I&C Calibrations

  • I&C Troubleshooting

  • I&C Commissioning

The BCP Digital I&C team includes:

  • I&C Electrical Engineering

  • I&C Digital/Computer Engineering

  • I&C Engineering and Project Management

  • I&C Technicians

BCP Fills the Gap. Our dedicated and committed Digital I&C team delivers expertise through our workforce staffing approach and managed solutions.

With digital advancements and connectivity, the risk of cyberattacks increases.
These risks need to be understood, evaluated, and reduced.
BCP’s subsidiary company cyber Realm Solutions specializes in this area.
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