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BCP excels in capital project engineering and management.  Our capabilities extend across all project areas that include project engineering management services to support engineering, construction, startup, commissioning, and operational readiness phases of the new project.

We offer specific and niche’ engineering expertise, such as:
  • Configuration Management

  • Fire Protection

  • Equipment Environmental Qualification

  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment

  • Seismic Analysis

  • Pipe Stress Analysis

  • Chemistry and Radiological Control

BCP’s experience extends to all aspects of capital project support from holistic plant projects such as Extended Power Uprates to large component replacements such as Steam Generators to smaller projects that are often undermanaged.

We assure our clients that adequate contractual language is developed to insure accurate, complete, and timely delivery as well as built in assurance that all specifications will be met.

Client’s often rely on BCP to provide vendor performance oversight that includes development of design specifications for products and services such as:
  • Major Components

  • Design/construction and Testing Services

  • Development of Virtual Construction Simulations

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As part of BCP’s  “Owner Engineer” concept, we can seamlessly augment the station’s management team to provide the directional day-to-day interfaces to assure that needed oversight is available with minimal support from site sponsors or leaders.

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Engineering Capabilities




We provide a corporate managed, team approach that aligns with the industry’s standard design process. From Configuration Management to Fire Protection, and more, BCP has supported numerous major plant design initiatives both in the United States and...



Program Engineering

We have engineering program experience that spans nearly all program areas in the industry. Our personnel manage programs in our client’s environment with a team oriented approach. BCP’s experience includes the following: ASME program,...



Systems Engineering

BCP has extensive experience supporting major projects and system modifications from engineering to implementation and testing of design. Our clients rely on BCP to deliver to operations a finished product that ensures the plant functions as designed,...

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