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Plant outages/turnarounds are a substantial contributor to the overall cost structure of any plan fraught with costs due to the complex, expensive and risky nature of outages/turnarounds. Impacts on plants can be tremendous:

  • Lost revenue while a plant/unit is shutdown

  • Critical path items/project delays

  • Safety hazards

  • Coordination and scheduling complexities

  • Maintaining qualified team members

  • Startup, Testing, and Turnover

  • Continued market pressures to do more with less

BCP understands these issues as we have worked in supporting outages/turnarounds since the beginning of our company in 1981. We understand that having the technical team members is only one component that makes for a successful, on-time, and on-budget outage/turnaround. We know it requires:

  • Excellence in communication and coordination

  • Rigorous processes and controls

  • Contractor/team visibility

  • Qualified resource management

  • Maintaining plant knowledge

BCP excels in outage/turnaround engineering and management. Our capabilities extend across all outage/turnaround areas that include:

  • Project planning and management services to support engineering, construction, outage activities, startup, and operational readiness phases of the outage project

  • Extensive experience in effectively applying sophisticated scheduling programs such as primavera to support these initiatives.

  • Technical and professional engineering expertise such as configuration management, turbine generator outage, pipe stress analysis, chemistry, and radiological control, to name a few.

  • Substantial experience in vendor performance management

  • Development of design specifications

  • Design/construction and testing services

  • Vendor surveillance during the manufacture of equipment or the development of services

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Outages/Turnarounds Capabilities




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