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Our Process Approach

Doing The Right Things Right…Every Time.

BCP’s approach to Project Solutions is built on a consistent and standardized approach to ensure consistency, clear objectives, and exceptional lines of communication. The core tenets, building blocks of performing effective project execution.



We initiate each client engagement with either a formal or informal project assessment to ensure that the problems faced and outcomes desired are fully understood.  Once the outcomes desired are defined, then and only then do we move into planning the approach and the right solution.



BCP brings the right expertise, know-how and methods to implement and execute the plan. BCP taps our vast resources of technical, project and analytical expertise to deploy the best team that is right for the project at hand.



Working with our clients we develop the most cost-effective approach to achieve the client’s desired outcomes. We recommend approaches based on needs and outcomes, while remaining flexible and adaptable to modify plans to ensure success.



Our Integrated Project Services methodology, drives the execution from beginning to end of each solutions engagement. We understand that regardless the scope or scale of the engagement, delivering results requires active leadership to drive performance and success.

Developing Tactical Project Roadmaps Provides Clarity and Consistency

Embracing lessons learned from our 40+ year history of engagement industry’s projects for uprates, obsolescence, and modification projects; we are active and committed to looking at ways that we can add value and work with utility staff to improve results in key project areas:

  • Standardization of project management processes and procedures

  • Consistent and accurate project measurement and reporting

  • Continued reduction of client administrative burdens

  • Leveraging of technology to improve project predictability and minimize risk

BCP has developed a unique 30-60-90 Day PMO™approach that provides a tactical roadmap for alignment of staff, processes, and expectations. Our unique 30-60-90 Day PMO™ approach provides:

  • Flexibility

  • Engagement

  • Standardization

  • Execution


Integrated Project Solutions
Assess and Plan

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