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Who We Are

We are Entrepreneurs

We are, at our core, an entrepreneurial-driven company that strives to continuously develop innovative solutions that meet and exceed the needs of your organization today and drive the successes of tomorrow.

We are:

We love what we do. We love finding solutions and helping our clients solve today’s problems and build for sustainable success. We dive deep into the issues to develop and find solutions to your problems.


Every engagement, every decision starts with solving a problem, solving a pain point. Having a deep understanding of the end-game outcome is key to developing the right solution.


We don’t spend time thinking about what can’t be done, only what can be done.


“Skin-In-The-Game.” While there are no guarantees of success, BCP understands that clients have different risk tolerances and is willing to share risk on most projects.


We believe in our ability to work autonomously, to be decisive, and to be able to stay agile and adaptable to issues and problems as they arise. Our team has the drive to execute at all times, no matter the circumstances.

Our Story

BCP was founded by Ronald (Ron) L. Rowley in August of 1981 establishing our headquarters in Gretna Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans.  A historic city settled in 1836 we are well known for our contribution to food, culture, music and sports.


BCP’s first project was the support of the Waterford 3 nuclear plant to obtain its operating license. From this beginning, BCP grew rapidly with expansion into nearly all of the U.S. markets and has twice earned recognition as one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 Fastest-Growing companies.


BCP acquired an ICI Seal Table business, known today as our Plant Services Group. A specialty niche that focuses specifically on seal table and thimble cleaning work. Since that time the plant services group has evolved into designing and manufacturing of specialty tooling, providing specialty technician services, and providing training and consulting services in support of our industry-unique, “wet-flushing” process for thimble cleaning.


BCP expanded its operations internationally performing work in the United Kingdom, Spain, Taiwan, Korea, and the USSR.


The Tax Services division was launched and tasked to develop a better method of substantiating and defending Research and Development tax deduction and credits. Utilizing an industry-unique process, engineering-first model, the BCP Tax Services division continues to provide R&D Tax services for Fortune 100 and small companies alike. Over time the Tax Service Division has expanded its services to include study areas such as Pollution Control Equipment, Cost Segregation, and developing logic-based tax models.


Selected as the technology consultant for First-Of-A-Kind (FOAK) testing design and operational readiness to support new nuclear plant construction in China and the United States. BCP leveraged its extensive start-up experience from the 1980s to provide technical guidance and consulting to the new age of start-ups.


Energy Services Group International (ESG) based out of Toano, Virginia. ESG was founded in 1983 purchased BCP. ESG was founded in 1983 and has established itself as a premier staffing and services company with relationships in energy and industrial manufacturing sectors across North America. Together, we have assisted energy companies, utilities, shipbuilding, digital imagery, and other Fortune 500 companies with developing and implementing value-added outsourcing structures and business arrangements that are recognized to be some of the best in industry.


Established our Cyber Security Services Division to provide world-class consulting and experience in cyber assessments and program development. Identifying this area as an underserved and essential service area, BCP focused on developing our unique approach, and training and development processes to ensure better solutions, consistent performance and to drive results.


BCP spins off Cyber Realm Solutions (CRS) as our first subsidiary company. CRS, located in South Port, North Carolina was established to develop a world-class cyber security consulting firm that provides expertise and experience to support all aspects of Cyber Security Program development and implementation. Focused on building an expert and knowledgeable team integrating plant and cyber security expertise, capable of meeting any challenge of ongoing cyber Security program requirements and filling the industry void of experts that can develop and implement CDA cyber security assessments.

As we have grown over the years, BCP has expanded from its one-office location in Gretna, Louisiana to offices in Clearwater, Florida; Reno, Nevada; Naperville, Illinois; Augusta, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina.

We continue to pursue and strive to develop trusted relationships and to innovate and bring to market high Return-On-Investment (ROI) solutions that provide sustainable and long-term growth for our clients.

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