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Power Delivery

Filling The Gap for Power Delivery

Transmission, Substations and Distribution

BCP has over 40 years of experience in PowerDeliveryand has extensively worked in all aspects of Power Delivery that includes transmission, substations, and distribution.

Aging infrastructure and the onslaught of cyber-attacks and threats has driven utilities to harden systems to provide greater reliability and security. BCP’s extensive experience supporting U.S. and international transmission and substation projects on behalf of the owners provides comfort that projects, large or small, or effectively managed and delivered.

BCP’s expertise and focus is on Filling the Gap for Power Delivery to deliver better, safer, and more reliable power. We accomplish this by providing trust and bringing the right people, processes, and technologies at the right time.BCP supports U.S. and Internationaltransmission and substation construction projects, transmission and distribution line hardening, security center operations, and staff augmentation. A few of examples of our work includes:

  • Transmission Line Hardening Upgrades

  • Substation Construction Management and Commissioning

  • VFT Tie Facility Construction Management andCommissioning

  • Smart Grid Substation Upgrades

  • Cyber SecuritySupport

  • Project Management and Controls

BCP supports Power Delivery with staff augmentation and can meet all of your needs that includes:
  • Project management and controls

  • Implementation leads

  • Safety specialist

  • Schedulers

  • Line engineers

  • AutoCAD designers

  • GIS support

  • Right-of-way agents

  • Environmental engineers

  • Engineering technologists, to name a few

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