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Plant Services

BCP’s Plant Services division has been involved with Nuclear Plant Seal Table and Incore Flux Thimble Maintenance services for more than 26 years. We are experienced in all areas of Flux Thimble maintenance and repairs, designing customized tooling, and are the industry’s preferred leader in this specialized area.
Learn More by downloading our Seal Table Services brochure here.
Our Plant Services Division are problem solvers with a ready array of tooling and methods for almost any thimble issue.


For example:  When Eddy Current Testing proved to be a major cause of worker contamination, BCP designed and built a first-of-kind enclosed Motorized Take-Up Reel system that uses an integrated HEPA vacuum for control of contamination.  Learn more about our ECT Take Up Reel:

Another example: When a plant had several leaking thimbles, BCP responded saving the client millions of dollars in the process:

Upon increasing pressure and temperature in preparation for coming out of the outage, Plant staff identified several High Pressure (HP) seals leaking.  These seals were made-up by the outage contractor as part of reassembly of the seal table.The outage contractor refused to assist in effecting the repair until the plant cooled back down and depressurized the system.

Looking for a more efficient and significantly less costly option, the Plant contacted BCP’s Plant Services team to identify if another alternative could be developed.  BCP’s Plant Services team quickly engaged and mobilized to the Plant within 24-hours to evaluate the situation and determine a better repair option. The team was able to implement the High Pressure Seal repair at pressure and temperature, saving the Plant several days of lost production time and in the process Millions of dollars of lost generation capacity.

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Innovation, It’s Who We Are.

We continuously innovate with new tooling and services to solve plant issues.  All of our innovative tools have been proven in operating plants and are
used today. Our services and equipment are detailed with illustrations and pictures in our Seal Table Brochure, referenced above.

  • Automatic Jacking Tool

    • A pneumatic jack that removes and inserts thimbles for fuel movement with no strain on workers and no bending or marking on the thimble wall. Download the brochure here and view the operating videos for insertion here and also retraction here.

  • Solvent Flushing System

    • Our system cleans thimbles that have been contaminated with oil or caked on Neolube. Learn more here

  • High Pressure Seal Repair Tooling

    • BCP’s tooling removes and replaces damaged Swagelok fittings and removes seals to assist in re-positioning thimbles that display wall wear or erosion.

  • Thimble Straightening Tooling

    • We save plants from having to replace bent thimbles, by straightening the thimble and returning it into service.

  • Thimble Manual Puller Tool

    • The predecessor to the Pneumatic Jacking Tool, this tool enables workers to better grip the thimbles for retraction and insertion without bending. Download the brochure here and watch the video here.

BCP A Partner To Industry And Vendors

BCP provides services directly to utilities or through outage vendors to get the job done.  For example, BCP has a long track record working with:

  • Westinghouse


  • Master Lee

  • Bechtel

  • Framatome

Case Study – Lost Test Cable

Reactor Engineering at D.C. Cook asked BCP to conduct a R&D project to develop a method and/or tooling…

Case Study – Spent Fuel Pool Leak Chase Drains

Davis-Besse needed a solution and tooling to unblock and clean the inside of SFP Leak Chase Drains….

Case Study – Dose Rate Reduction

During a scheduled outage at Turkey Point, the client desired to reduce the dose rates at their six and fifteen path flux mapping drive units and the movable rack assembly consistent with ALARA. BCP was on site performing normal seal table thimble cleaning services.  We had been asked as part of the contract to provide a method and manpower to reduce the radiation dose rates at the drive units and movable rack assembly. Our team had performed similar dose reduction tasks at other client sites. BCP’s team of seven industry experienced personnel worked through two shifts using HEPA units, rags, alcohol, and swabs to complete this task successfully and within outage schedule requirements.  The radiation dose rates were reduced significantly from those originally identified in a plant specific area dose rate chart, enabling longer stay times for I&C technicians performing required tasks.

For more information contact:

Mark Beggs
Director, Plant Services Division
Phone: 727.581.9594 | Cell: 727.423.4437 |

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