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Our Partners

“Alone We Can Do So Little; Together

We Can Do So Much.”

~ Helen Keller ~

BCP strives to bring the best solutions to the table to resolve your pain points and to establish a sustainable process/model for your organization.

We understand our strengths and our weaknesses.


We understand that not every company can provide everything. That’s why we have developed an extensive Partner Network that enables BCP to bring the best of breed services to your organization and to help resolve your pain points.

The BCP Partner Network is consist of top companies in their respective fields and capabilities that marry well with BCP service offerings.

Digital Work Management
Digital Procedures
Digital I&C Support
Instrumentation Controls Commissioning Electric
Culture & Human Resource Factors
3D Simulations and Planning
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Inspection Robotic
Technology – Business Analysis
Force on Force Simulation Training
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