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Technology Services

BCP has teamed with “best of breed” technology, software, and hardware organizations to deliver project and lifecycle performance benefits in an unbiased and vendor-neutral manner.

We assist owner operators to leverage the best available technology mixes to integrate, simulate and optimize critical need areas, saving time, money and critical path. BCP’s team brings more than three decades of Energy and Technology experience to ensure that the technology solutions implemented meet project objectives and needs.  Our technology audit and integration services ensure the right technologies are applied in the right way for the right projects. We provide consulting services to ensure your next project will include the following:

  • Optimal Technology Solutions

  • Efficient Implementation

  • Long-term Efficiency Improvement

  • Significant ROI

“We help you gain an edge on the competition by optimizing project and construction resources through virtual planning resulting in significant time and cost savings, and an improved HSE.”



Virtual & Augmented Training

  • We dramatically improve performance, safety, and preparation within an immersive, virtual training lifelike environment.’


Construction Sequence Optimization

  • BCP streamlines projects, optimizes assets, and timing through the integration of the outage schedule and the 3D Model.


Metrology Services

  • Our team uses lasers to scan your environments from equipment – to room – to building – to the entire site at ¼” accuracy for a precision As-Built model that serves as the foundation of all virtual simulations.


Human Performance Assessment/Analysis

  • We improve employee safety and health with our biomechanical analysis and assessment.


RP Training and Reporting Feasibility Simulations

  • BCP’s simulations validates complex tasks, calculate dosages, and produces your ALARA report.



  • Our team assesses and familiarizes in-house staff and contractors, before physically in the plant, on all critical site areas for safety and training purposes, which increases safety and effectiveness of in-processing.


Vulnerability Assessment

  • We utilize force on force training, security force asset positioning, calculations of multiple threat scenarios, and possible resolutions to provide a thorough vulnerability assessment.

“Optimize your project resources, timing and sequencing by virtually integrating & animating your construction Primavera schedule with your 3D Model.”
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