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Small and Mid-Sized Business


BCP offers Small and Mid-Sized businesses our Tax ServicesOpportunities. All too often small businesses do not or are unable to take advantage of the large tax breaks that Fortune500 companies do. BCP leverages our experience with these large companies and provides the same services to Small and Mid-sized Businesses.

We apply our tax consulting and engineering/information technology expertise to work with your accounting department or tax provider to assist in obtaining you the tax benefits you deserve.

BCP provides state and federal tax benefits. Industries served include: 

  • Engineering Firms

  • Electrical Contractors

  • Glass andConstruction

  • Landfills

  • Manufacturing

  • Specialty and Compounding Pharmacies

  • Paper Engineering Services

Section 174 and 41 Research and Experimentation Studies

Nearly any business can perform activities that qualify for sections 174 and 41 Research and Experimentation (R&E) tax benefit. Tax regulations provide companies of all sizes and from most industries the ability to receive economic incentives for innovation. If you’re a company that invests in attempting to design, develop, or improve products, processes, techniques, formulas, inventions, or software; you may be eligible for this benefit.


Cost Segregation/Unit of Property Studies


Have you purchased a new facility for your operations–such as a commercial office space, manufacturing facility, warehouse, or distribution facility? If so, BCP’s cost segregation studies provide a means to accelerate depreciation deductions, defer tax, and improve cash flow.

Cost Segregation studies provide a means to identify components of your facility and appropriately identify the asset category and accelerated deduction recovery period. Commercial property placed in service after December 31, 1986, qualifies for a cost segregation study.

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