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In today’s plant environment, staff and worker safety is of utmost importance. While we share the belief that everyone is personally responsible for nuclear safety. We also believe that safety must be directly managed and directed to ensure everyone takes that responsibility seriously.

BCP’s Industrial safety services provide a team of safety professionals to execute and manage outages/turnarounds and/or projects in a cost-effective manner and following standard and site/location industrial safety processes.

Our approach is designed to provide an industrial safety team that works in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, applicable industry, and client-specific standards. BCP Industrial safety services solution provides the optimal delivery mechanism to manage our resources/staff capabilities effectively and efficiently in a manner that can be integrated with a customizable, sole-source industrial safety solution to meet our client’s safety needs.

Our Industrial Safety Teams provide any or all the following talent categories:

  • Industrial Hygienists

  • Sr. Safety Professionals–Team Leads

  • Safety/CAP Performance Coordinators

  • Safety Training Specialists

  • Safety Technicians

  • Medical Nurses, RN or LPN degreed

BCP Fills the Gap. Our dedicated and committed team of Industrial Safety experts delivers expertise through our workforce staffing approach and managed solutions.

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