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Licensing & Compliance

BCP is well versed in engineering quality assurance such as Title 10 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (10CFR50) Appendix A and Appendix B.  Client Support Experience Includes:
  • License Renewal (LR) and Aging Management Programs

  • Cyber Security

  • Fire Protection (NFPA 805)

  • Fukushima

We partner with client’s engineering teams to ensure they are integrated into the process and that once the project is complete the team has everything necessary to successfully manage the programs on an ongoing basis.

Our License Renewal experience and expertise provide a significant competitive edge in ensuring a smooth and successful project delivery with reduced risk to our clients. We are well versed in the regulatory guidelines 10CFR Part 54 Requirements for Renewal of Operating Licenses for Nuclear Power Plants, NUREG-2192 (GALL -SLR Report) AND NUREG-2191 (Standard Review Plan – SLR) that govern the license renewal process.

We partner with our clients in the following areas:
  • Project Assessment & Planning

  • SLRA, LRA & RAI Preparation and Response

  • License Renewal Database Solution

  • AMP Development & Implementation

  • OE & Commitment Tracking

  • Environmental Assessment and Report Development

  • Plant & Component Lifecycle Management

  • Wet Cables, EQ, Concrete & Special Studies

  • License Renewal Implementation Support

  • Inspection Preparation & Self-Assessments

  • Training/Readiness of Program Owners & Plant Staff

  • Peer Reviews


Full Scope Subsequent License Renewal Services

We have formalized partnerships with AKRF for environmental assessment, environmental report development and reviews. Our partner, Artichor Solutions is the developer of the Advanced License Extension (ALEX) Project Management System, which has been used for multiple successful License Renewal Applications. ALEX streamlines labor intensive scoping, screening, and aging management review processes and will directly support development of the Subsequent License Renewal Application.

These two partners are experts in their fields and will add tremendous value to complement BCP’s already exceptional service offering. To inquire about our full scope services please contact Brad Myers at and he will arrange a complete demonstration of these capabilities.




BCP was hired with little over a year to make Oconee Station ready for the inspection and the subsequent PEO.  We provided new project management and technical expertise to a struggling project. Our team was able to successfully plan, manage, and orchestrate resources to successfully support transitioning Oconee into the PEO.

From a regulatory standpoint, there were a total of 74 commitments of which 56 were open, 38 of which were reopened, and 26 contained a significant and large numbers of deficiencies.  The project scope included 33 credited AMPs, 11 credited OTIs, 15 TLAAs, and 15 credited preventative maintenance activities.

BCP developed and implemented, among other innovative concepts, a change management plan; contractor knowledge transfer to a plant operating staff; and the use of Challenge Boards to prepare for the PEO.

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