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Startup Testing

Completed System Verification, Performance Evaluation, and Integration.

Our focus is to ensure testing associated with maintenance, modifications, preventive maintenance, surveillance requirements, startup, power ascension, and transient response is satisfactorily performed in an efficient manner and provide a high-level of assurance that systems, structures, and components operate and respond as designed.

BCP has directly participated in the successful construction completion, startup testing, operational readiness, and commissioning of over 20 nuclear plants in the United States and internationally. We are experienced in following major projects from construction completion through initial test program completion and preparation for fuel loading, reactor startup testing, and full power commercial operation. Areas of BCP expertise include:

  • Development of staffing requirements for the operations, maintenance, and technical support

  • Integration of plant team into the Initial Test Program activities for training and support. Training and development to operate, maintain the plant, and provide technical support.

  • Activity scheduling is associated with preparing the plant for long-term commercial operation.

  • Program development to assure proper operation, maintenance, and longevity of motor-operated valves, air-operated valves, check valves, pressure relief valves, safety valves, heat exchangers, snubbers, heating, and ventilating equipment, and many other types of components and systems that are safety related to the plant.

  • Development of configuration management program and control process for plant owners.


BCP Fills the Gap. Our dedicated and committed team delivers expertise in startup Testing either through our workforce staffing approach, specialized consulting, and managed solutions.

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