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BCP Turns 40!

August 11, 1981, Ronald L. Rowley made the decision to help shape and direct the Utility Industry by starting BCP Engineers & Consultants. With a vision of providing better service, better people and providing clients cost-effective value, he sought to develop deep relationships with each and every one he did business with.

Today we carry that vision forward as it is the foundation of our company. We have been blessed and graced to have team members – past and present – that have believed in BCP’s vision and core values, which whom without we could not have achieved the sustained level of success experienced over the history of our company.

We celebrate not only 40 years of business, but 40 years of consistency, of providing high-value, high-ethics, and high-quality work. We celebrate the current team and all the past team members that have been integral in the company’s success. We celebrate our clients for their continued trust in BCP and allowing us the privilege and opportunity to serve them.


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