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Filling The Gap

Your Implementation And Execution Experts

BCP is an Engineering, Project Management, and Specialty Services consulting firm that Fills the Gap for Capital-Intensive industries. BCP Fills the Gap by providing flexible services to meet your specific needs and achieve your desired outcomes:

  • Technical and Project Staffing Solutions

  • Engineering and Project Management Turn-Key Services

  • Cyber Security Project Services

  • Outage and Tooling Services

  • R&D Tax Credit and Deduction Services


We pride ourselves on being your implementation and execution expertise to support ongoing plant operations, major plant modifications, and large capital projects to ensure sustainable, long-term performance improvement. We provide trusted leadership for developing and implementing technical solutions and in bringing the right people, processes, and technologies at the right time.

Since 1981 we have worked with clients across the globe, providing engineering and project management services and earning the reputation as a go-to source for high-level knowledge and technical expertise.


What makes BCP different?

Better Solutions

We take a “hands-on approach” with clients, a team-oriented culture, and a “get it done” attitude to exceed our promises and earn your trust every day. The deployment of flexible, adaptable and creative solutions that integrate client risk tolerance has been the hallmark of BCP’s success. It is why continuously meet and exceed client expectations and have developed the long-term relationships we enjoy today.

Consistent Performance

Doing the right things, right…every time.

Regardless of the opportunity–whether it is a staffing engagement, a new managed project, or deploying one of our specialty solution areas, we utilize our Assess, Plan, Employ and Execute (APEE) process in every engagement. This assures you and BCP have a firm understanding of the:

  • True problem to be resolved

  • Outcome desired

  • Most effective approach to obtaining the outcome

  • Right talent and expertise are engaged

  • Flawless execution and leadership

We engage with clients to develop the most effective, efficient, and economic solution to drive sustainable value and to earn your respect as a trusted business partner.

Proven Results

We are business and industry professionals with experience in every aspect of the industries we serve. Our consultants, engineers, and technical staff are experienced professionals who stay current on the needs of the industry and are committed to finding solutions. We develop pragmatic, managed solutions for our clients that involve industry-standard services such as engineering consulting, outage management, or process re-engineering in a customized manner specifically for the problem at hand.

This philosophy has guided us through decades of success, with projects across the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the Pacific Rim.

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