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Containment ISI Services

BCP has offered Containment ISI capabilities to our clients  for over 35 years. This experience includes preparation of program documents as well as the performance of inspections, repairs, and replacement work at numerous plants around the world.

Through service on ASME Section XI working groups, BCP Engineers have participated in the development of requirements for in-service inspection of both concrete and metal containment.

BCP offers the following Containment In-Service Inspection Services:
  • Review of plant programs to ensure compliance with 10CFR50.55a and Section XI, Sub-Sections IWA, IWE, and IWL

  • Preparation of new programs and updates of existing programs to meet the requirements of the latest applicable amendment to 10CFR50.55a

  • Preparation of examination procedures

  • Visual examinations

  • Technical direction of post-tensioning system inspectors

  • Computation of expected forces in post-tensioning tendons

  • Trending of post-tensioning system forces and evaluation of inspection results

  • Development of Repair and Replacement Programs and Procedures to correct structural deficiencies as well as to ensure code compliance when containment must be breached for steam generator and reactor head replacement projects

  • Technical direction of Repair and Replacement work

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