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Nuclear Plant decommissioning plants are monumental undertakings involving facility decontamination to reduce residual radioactivity, nuclear fuel transferred from wet storage to dry storage, plant dismantling, and contaminated materials removal and disposal.

Fossil Plant decommissioning, unlike a nuclear plant, decommissioning, which the federal government strictly regulates, the process of decommissioning a coal-fired power plant is not always clear. There is a multitude of decisions (e.g., site use, ownership transfer, etc.) that need to be made prior to remediation and redevelopment and drives the managing of the decommissioning process. While the process is more flexible than nuclear the basic tenets of remediation and cleanup are similar.

BCP Fills the Gap by providing needed technical and professional expertise to support your onsite team and vendor teams in areas such as:

  • Decommissioning planning

  • Decommissioning oversight

  • Project management and cost/schedule controls

  • Regulator communications

  • Technical oversight

  • Procedure development

  • Radiation Protection engineers and technicians

  • Licensing document development

  • Procurement support

BCP Fills the Gap. Our dedicated and committed team delivers decommissioning expertise through our workforce staffing approach.

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