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Operational Readiness

BCP’s understands the process for completing major projects in Sequence.

BCP’s approach to Operational Readiness allows the turnover of completed systems to the startup and commissioning group for performing the initial test program and preparing the plant for operation. One of BCP’s strongest technical areas comes from our vast experience in the development and implementation of initial test programs for nuclear power plants in the United States as well as Europe and Asia. BCP has directly participated in the successful construction completion, startup testing, operational readiness and commissioning of over 20 nuclear plants in the United States.

Operational readiness schedules and planning should tie to construction and project milestones to identify interrelationships between operational readiness activities and project activities; as well as integrate across multiple initiatives in the Integrated Operational Readiness Schedule (IORS), such as:

  • Operations and Engineering Programs review and development

  • Site Procedure scoping, development, and tracking of needed Operating Maintenance, Surveillance, Administrative and Departmental procedures.

  • Staffing Strategy Development-Levels, Disciplines, and Timing

  • Training Requirements and Lead Times

  • Preop and Startup Testing to ensure the plant is constructed as designed and as licensed.

  • System and Area Turnover after testing is complete requires a solid process, tracking of open items, and communication.

  • Fuel Receipt and Initial Fuel Load

  • Construction / Vendor Oversight may be part of the operational readiness purview to ensure overall project quality, safety, and timeliness.

  • Plan and Prepare for the First Refueling Outage

BCP Fills the Gap. Our dedicated and committed team delivers expertise in Operational Readiness either through our workforce staffing or managed solutions approach.

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