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Project & Risk Management

BCP excels in capital project engineering and management. Our capabilities extend across all project areas that include:


  • Project Management Services

  • Support Engineering

  • Construction

  • Startup

  • Commissioning

  • Operational Readiness


Our approach has been effective in delivering green field projects and effective in assuming leadership on struggling projects.

Integral in our project approach is front-end and ongoing risk identification and mitigation strategy development. We infuse confidence in our clients’’ projects in order for us to deliver them on time and in budget. Also, BCP helps to develop the right processes and indicators into the projects to identify unknown and unanalyzed (U/U) risks.


Case Study – Cyber Security Implementation

BCP was brought in to manage and oversee the Milestone 8 Cyber Security Implementation Project, which included 425 project-specific activities and deliverables with only one year to meet the NRC Commitment date.  We dealt with a number of unique challenges, such as:

  • Documentation of CDA remediation for configuration control

  • Implementation of vendor supplied CS Ops Center

  • Remediation cabinets with little input as to the new equipment’s’ arrival, Site Acceptance Tests, Functional Tests, and Remediation requirements.


By owning the challenges and working directly with vendors, our team mitigated the challenges and completed the project ahead of schedule and 35% below budget expectations.


Case Study – NFPA 805 Fire Protection

BCP was contracted in 2017 to take ownership of the Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) Unit 1 NFPA 805 Fire Protection Project.  Our team worked with the site to retain the top talent from the existing team and provide additional resources to support the successful implementation of the NFPA 805 Fire Protection upgrades.

We incorporated a Corporate Oversight program utilizing our comprehensive 30-60-90 Day PMO™ methodology to ensure the project was on track once we assumed the oversight role.  This includes:

  • Weekly Project Management reviews with our Corporate PMP

  • Bi-weekly interaction with our Work Management Lead

  • Active engagement with Fleet T6 and T3 reviews to ensure that all stakeholder insights and feedback were incorporated into our project management plans

  • Project critique and closeout

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