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Thermal Hydraulics Analytical Engineer

Job Description

Thermal Hydraulics Analytical Engineer

Project: Uprate work

Pay Rate: Not Defined / need Candidate’s requested rate

Duration: Initially 24 months to start w/ annual extensions expected

Schedule: 4x10's to start

PD: $157.00

Mob/Demob: $500.00 each

Physical Requirements: Able to lift 50 lbs, walkdowns required

Position Details/Scope of Work:

The Thermal Hydraulics Analytical Engineer is responsible for:

  • Teams within plant performance undertake a wide range of thermal hydraulic analyses ranging from detailed predictions of heat transfer in individual components using 3D computational fluid dynamics so that their operational life can be accurately assessed, to 1D systems code models of an entire plant to predict overall performance and ensure its safe operation

  • This role is intended for a rapidly developing subject matter expert in the areas core and plant thermal-hydraulic analysis, specifically the methodology behind and analysis of hydrodynamic loads and moisture carryover prediction/evaluation

  • It integrates and develops thermal-hydraulic technologies, application methodologies, and supporting processes that meet business needs across the organization

  • This role includes software development, documentation and validation

  • This role is within the Thermal & Fluids Analysis team, which is responsible for the development, maintenance, and technical consultation of thermal-hydraulic engineering computer codes, correlations, and methodologies related to

  • Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR)

  • Developing and implementing thermal hydraulic models of various levels of fidelity

  • Undertaking verification and validation activities of thermal hydraulic models, in some cases interacting with the Experimental Engineering Team who undertake testing using onsite rigs

  • Developing production analysis methods, including automation, data assimilation and uncertainty quantification

  • Conducting technical analysis of the core, plant, and specific components in support of safety cases

  • Supporting design and manufacture through bespoke thermal hydraulic assessments of our existing and future product

Required Education and Certifications / Licenses:

  • Engineering degree required, Experience in thermal hydraulics, fluid dynamics and heat transfer required




East Coast US


June 3, 2024


Initially 24 months to start w/ annual extensions expected



Erika Roden


(727) 294-1798


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